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Papa Tom is a StoryTeller who tells stories that connect the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. 

The Last All Hallows Eve

In the tradition of C. S. Lewis’ ‘Screwtape Letters’ Papa Tom presents a fictional story from Lucifer’s perspective of the age-old battle between his seed and the Seed of the Woman from Genesis to Revelation.  Our story traces Lucifer’s diabolical desire to maintain control throughout time. Is Lucifer worried about the new Adam coming back? What will happen then? Come read and find out!


All truth comes from the Father through the Son (Word) to us. You can spend your whole life and all your energy and money trying to find out who you are on your journey in this life; but there is only one place to go: GO TO THE FATHER. He knows everything. There is nothing that He does not know.

That is the Raison d’etre (purpose) of “The Father’s Heart Media” to help you connect to the Father, to help you get to know Him, to allow you to move toward trusting in His love for you and in doing so, learning to trust Him even when you don’t understand.

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Our Podcast reveals the dreams and downloads a grandfather receives from heaven. His dreams inspired him to write a series of children’s books “Papa Tom’s Tales” A Grandfather’s Bedtime Stories. A series of children’s books that imaginatively describe how the love of God the Father overcomes every fear a child could experience. Interviews with people about their experiences and epiphanies in discovering love in their relationships with their own fathers and experiences with God the Father changed their lives. The theme behind the content contained in our Podcasts is to bring the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers and in so doing helping you connect with the Heart of God the Father.

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Luke the Lightbearer Defeats the Spirit of Confusion

Book Two of Papa Tom’s Tales takes the Papa Tom’s Tales series to a new level; a little more edgy, more dramatic illustrations with more action. The topic is a controversial topic dealing with the issue of confusion in the lives of children over the issue of transgender and gender dysphoria. Naturally, these large words are not presented in the book. Simply put a young boy is led to believe that they are a girl by the name their father gives them. The child has a boy’s body and finds things quite troubling and confusing. Luke the Lighbearer, the protagonist in all the Papa Tom’s Tales books, meets this child in a playground and introduces him/her to His Father in Heaven. God the Father shares with this young child the backstory of how he received the name Susan from his father. The Spirit of Confusion is exposed and defeated. God teaches Luke and Samuel new truths. The Saga continues as Light continues to defeat the Darkness!

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The Boy Who Found His Name

Book Number One of Papa Tom’s Tales is the story of a child who did not know their identity. Luke the Light-bearer, helps a child find their identity by meeting with the One who gives each of us our own identity. Luke’s role in life is to bring light and truth into the world. Follow the story of how one child comes to understand who they are when they meet the Father of us all. This imaginative story comes from a dream Papa Tom received. While completely fictional, it underscores several truths about life and how we attain our identity. In so doing gives us a foundation in our personhood from which we can address all the issues of life. Book Number One is the first of a series of 12 books, each one dealing with a specific fear and how the love of God will overcome each and every fear.

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The Fathers Heart Radio Talk Show is on WSIC News. Our new Talk Show is all about fathers in every way shape and form. The role they play in your life. The role they play in our society. The grand design of how the role of the father was conceived to positively affect all Seven Mountains of Influence in our society. While many are out of reach for the live show they can still access it live on Thursday mornings at 8:00am EST through the internet connection via the radio station’s website at


Prodigal Father: Downfall to Restoration

Prodigal Father: Downfall to Restoration

Many have heard the story of the Prodigal Son who obtained his inheritance and wasted it on profligate living only to realize the depravity of his condition, repent and return to his father's house. I have recently come across a true story that reverses that Biblical...

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Whos Your Daddy? Part Two

Whos Your Daddy? Part Two

One of my sons attended a highly rated private school noted for its excellence in athletics. A significant percentage of the students matriculating at this all boys school were black. Often, my son would relate to me that his friends always told jokes in the locker...

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Know Father: Know Identity – No Father: No Identity

Know Father: Know Identity – No Father: No Identity

In western societies and cultures, when one attends a social event the question is often asked "who are you?" The likely answer is I am a dentist or a doctor, lawyer or some other occupation. The inquirer may say I did not ask you what you did for a living, but rather...

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