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Most of us have been taught about the power of the tongue. Yet, most of us lead lives wherein the words we speak often seem ineffective. For those of us who have positions of authority, when we say something with our words, other people who are under our authority react to the words we speak. If we take this example and bring it to a higher level, we can begin to understand that the connection we have with our Father gives us an authority and power to effect change through the words we speak. Words can release energy into the atmosphere.

Everything in life is relational. We are related to one another in some way, shape or form. We are designed to be related to God our Father as well. Knowing Him as Father will allow Him to reveal to us our calling and destiny. Once we understand Who He is and Who we are, our journey in life can begin. On that journey the power of our words becomes essential to our success in reaching our destiny.

Come read about discovering a “Connection” in your life which will change the effect your words have in your life and in the lives of everyone you meet. Come experience the Father’s Heart as He has taught me, so I will impart to you what my Father has taught me about one aspect of Connection.

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