How a Scottish Lass Overcame Her Father’s Emotional Abandonment

This podcast is an interview with Sheila Summers, the author of the book “Broken to Beautiful” a fictional account of the true story of her life. Come listen to how Sheila, a native of Scotland overcame the trauma in her life instigated by her natural father who simply was not there for her emotionally. Sheila’s father had endured WWII and the post war aftermath left him cold and distant. The harsh words her father spoke to her, calling her “nothing but a bloody idiot” scarred her for many years.

Bereft of a father’s love, Sheila became prey for predators in the form of two husbands who left her and their children emotionally decimated. Sheila became susceptible to a poisoned form of love that replaced kisses with punches.  Yet, by the grace of God the Father, who intervened in her life, Sheila was able to overcome the hardships she had experienced that beset her.

Come listen to Sheila’s story. It is a story of hope, perseverance and victory. Listen to how a miraculous connection with the Father’s love helped Sheila overcome all the trauma of her circumstances to enjoy life more abundantly! Sheila has interesting stories how God intervened through a TV broadcast from the US to Scotland and later she was able to meet the very people who God used to connect her to God here in Virginia Beach on this side of the pond (as the British would say).

The message Sheila has to relate can help us cope with the hard circumstances in our lives by showing us that there is a pathway we can follow to connect with God our Father, just as she was able to do. When that connection is realized our worldview shifts and we come to the realization that everything is going to work out all right, because we have a good, good Father who loves us!


Written by Papa Tom

The name Papa Tom is a Nom De Plume, that is a pen name. However, it is the name my grandchildren call me: Papa Tom. You see I am a newly minted Grandfather! Yes, I am a father of 6 children and 15 grandchildren (11 on earth so far; 4 in heaven already). I started my transition later in life; in my late sixties writing children’s books, wanting to share thoughts and ideas that would help my grandchildren understand life from a different perspective; the perspective of heaven. I also podcast with a theme of bringing the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers and in so doing helping you connect with the Heart of God the Father.

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