How to Reconnect with Those Who Offended You

We live in an Age of Deception and Disconnection. Most people feel alienated from one another. The digital world absorbs our time and energy using technology, but what about human face to face interaction. Even when opportunities present themselves for us to relate to one another we find that we are often disconnected because we have been offended.

This podcast presents Heidi Mortenson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from the proud state of Minnesota. Heidi offers to our audience a discussion about how to overcome being offended by other people, be they family, friend or foe. It is interesting to note Jesus was never offended by what anyone said to him.

Jesus was completely secure in the knowledge of who he is and you can be secure in knowing who you are as well.

Come listen to Heidi describe “Radical Grace” as the solution to being offended by someone else’s words or actions. Even grotesque abuse can be forgiven and overcome by allowing the love of the Father to enter our hearts. Come listen to Heidi give examples in stories showing how people’s hearts were changing and in so doing how their own lives changed as a result living life in peace and joy.

Stop living your life in denial, out of a preconceived notion of yourself, when you can be set free. Delivered from fear and any thought that holds you in bondage. You want to be connected to your loved ones don’t you? Why wait, expecting them to change? Does becoming offended say more about you than them? Come find out and be set free!

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Written by Papa Tom

The name Papa Tom is a Nom De Plume, that is a pen name. However, it is the name my grandchildren call me: Papa Tom. You see I am a newly minted Grandfather! Yes, I am a father of 6 children and 15 grandchildren (11 on earth so far; 4 in heaven already). I started my transition later in life; in my late sixties writing children’s books, wanting to share thoughts and ideas that would help my grandchildren understand life from a different perspective; the perspective of heaven. I also podcast with a theme of bringing the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers and in so doing helping you connect with the Heart of God the Father.

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