Is Our Understanding of Our Father’s Love Correct?

This Podcast with the venerable Broadcast veteran Patrick Roddy (Broadcast and media production work with ABC, CBS, NBC and Christian Broadcast Network) gives us a different insight into why God loves us. This was a revelation to me, and perhaps will be a revelation to you. Does God just love because of what Jesus did for us? Is there a deeper truth that exists which has eluded us?

Patrick was under a deception for over 50 years. Come listen to how he learned the truth about how he was truly loved set him free. What about your life? Is there a memory of a childhood experience in your life that the enemy has used to keep you in bondage all your life?

Come listen to stories that reveal how the enemy’s lies caused us to fear and those fears kept us in bondage. The stories that we discuss here will show you how the enemy has lied to you preventing you from receiving the love the Father has for you. When are you going to let go and trust Him?

When you learn you believe in God it will change your life, but when you learn that God believes in you it will blow our mind. What would you say if someone asked you to describe what your natural father would say about you? Would he say something positive or negative? How has that affected your life?

The words your father speaks to you will change your life. What does your Father say about you? What can you take away from this podcast that will affect your life in a positive way? Fathers need to spend time with their children. Read them a story!


Written by Papa Tom

The name Papa Tom is a Nom De Plume, that is a pen name. However, it is the name my grandchildren call me: Papa Tom. You see I am a newly minted Grandfather! Yes, I am a father of 6 children and 15 grandchildren (11 on earth so far; 4 in heaven already). I started my transition later in life; in my late sixties writing children’s books, wanting to share thoughts and ideas that would help my grandchildren understand life from a different perspective; the perspective of heaven. I also podcast with a theme of bringing the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers and in so doing helping you connect with the Heart of God the Father.

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