The Top Ten Most Popular Podcasts of TFHM 2021

The Father’s Heart Media is very thankful for the 162,000 people in 10 Countries who downloaded our Podcasts in 2021. We have decided to highlight the Top Ten podcasts of 2021 to present to you what our audience believed were the best podcasts of 2021. Our intention is to help our audience overcome different worries, anxieties and fears with the Love of the Father. There are several felt needs and pain points being addressed herein. Specific themes appear to be overcoming confusion, transgender issues (which is really about confusion), freedom and Protection. Consistent with the concepts behind The Father’s Heart we find Protection, Provision and Mentoring being reasons why people are drawn to God the Father. We need a Father’s Love particularly in the age in which we live. Enjoy your favorite picks.














Written by Papa Tom

The name Papa Tom is a Nom De Plume, that is a pen name. However, it is the name my grandchildren call me: Papa Tom. You see I am a newly minted Grandfather! Yes, I am a father of 6 children and 15 grandchildren (11 on earth so far; 4 in heaven already). I started my transition later in life; in my late sixties writing children’s books, wanting to share thoughts and ideas that would help my grandchildren understand life from a different perspective; the perspective of heaven. I also podcast with a theme of bringing the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers and in so doing helping you connect with the Heart of God the Father.

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